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Shipments and DOA

Your Livestock shipment

Packages are shipped Monday through Thursday or request certain day by request (you may enter a note in the shopping cart). Orders are normally shipped on a first-in, first-out order based on our shipping capacity on any given day. We will contact you regarding your shipment. We use FedEx for overnight coral shipments. Overnight shipping rates are as follows:

  • Overnight Within Florida: $25
  • Overnight Outside Florida: $45
  • Orders $500 and up: FREE

If you are within driving distance, you can contact us to arrange a pickup time.
We ship out by 6:30pm so that your order is in transit for the least amount of time possible. We also check your weather before shipping to make sure everything is packed specific to the current conditions in your area. We are not responsible for shipping carrier delays, weather delays or lost packages. We reserve the right to delay shipment due to inclement weather which would delay delivery. In case of a shipping delay, we will contact you.
We guarantee against DOA (Dead On Arrival). You are eligible for store credit if your coral is DOA. To be eligible for a return, refund, or exchange, you must send pictures within 2 hours of first delivery attempt. Please read our full DOA policy.
Corals sold by Liquid Dreams Aquatics are in excellent health and frags are well-healed when shipped out. We have close to a 99% success rate when shipping corals with our high quality packing techniques. If for some reason your order (or an individual coral) does not survive the trip you will receive a credit towards another order. You must notify us via email of DOA corals within 2 hours of the first delivery attempt! Do not throw away any corals, as we may ask you to provide photos of the corals. This credit will be valid for 6 months. There is no refund on shipping charges under any circumstances.
Canceled orders or coupon errors will be refunded, please allow up to 1-2 weeks for this to appear on your billing statement. All purchases assume the customer has intermediate to advanced reefing experience. We are not responsible for errors in acclimation, general care (over or under lighting, water flow, water chemistry, temperature, or inter-species coral aggression). Please contact us if you are unsure, our knowledgeable staff is here to help and we want our corals to thrive in your reef and give you many years of enjoyment! In some rare cases your credit may depend on pictures of the expired coral, or we may request coral skeletons be sent back to us. Please note that charge backs for the entire shipment including or excluding shipping with out contacting us via email are illegal and will be prosecuted for fraud. We can only ship to the billing address and to the cardholder.
We may ask to allow a reasonable recovery period for stressed or damaged corals to be evaluated for DOA. Many corals begin to quickly recover from shipping stress once settled into their new home. We reserve the right to delay shipping due to inclement weather. We will notify you if your shipment will be delayed. If you have any other problems, please address concerns via the Contact Us page on our website or a phone call.
We will respond as soon as possible, usually within 24-48 hours. Please note we do not ship right before and during major holidays (Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years, and July 4th). The risk to live coral shipments is simply too high, due to the increases in overnight shipping at these times. We do not ship the week before Christmas, or the span from Christmas to New Years’s Day for the same reason.